Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Talk them up, why don't you - like they needed it


For God's sake. The Australians are on the horizon, we have the best chance in 20 years of taking back the Ashes, and members of our own side talk them up. First, it's Nasser Hussain (or whoever writes his column); then, worse, it's a current member of the team, Andrew Strauss (or whoever's writing his column).

No doubt they'd tell me it's a cunning ploy (cunning stunt, more like, or something that sounds like it) to make the Aussies complacent. All I can say is that they have very good reason to feel complacent, and just adding to that isn't helping one little bit.

(Thanks to my friends at TMS 24/7 for drawing my attention to these articles.)


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