Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Identity crisis time


The campaign against identity cards hots up, according to the Observer (worth reading the article for some neat ideas about legal, decent, honest and truthful methods of civil disobedience in relation to the introduction of the cards).

Readers may want to bookmark the Defy ID site, although they seem to be slow to update it, the naughty people.

Remember to sign the pledge! Target 80% achieved! You could be the one that makes the difference!

Meanwhile, a YouGov poll reported in the Telegraph shows public support for ID cards collapsing: "The vast majority of people are convinced the introduction of ID cards would prove an administrative shambles and only a small minority believe cards would justify the ever-mounting cost."

Fight on.

FOOTNOTE: Austin Mitchell on the ID card bill (on which he abstained, let the record show): "Asking for ID Cards [...] will be like the old Sus Law. Guess who`s going to be harassed by being asked for ID by anyone in uniform. Not respectable middle-aged men in suits. Blacks, the poor, the odd, the angry, the hip, the young and the ethnic. The only consolation is that thanks to the huge cost of the Cards we won`t be able to pay for quite so many police to do the asking."


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