Tuesday, May 24, 2005

At last, some real correctness


Hooray for Marcus Brigstocke. At last someone has had the courage to come out and speak up for Political Correctness.

Brigstocke has the perception to see that political correctness exists not so that some bunch of loopy left-wing nannies can control the words and thoughts of 'ordinary' British people (as if such a thing were actually possible). It exists to balance out the bigotry, narrow-mindedness and adhesion to outdated activities and beliefs which characterise 'Britishness' among a good proportion of the public. It exists because our country is a good deal more racially, religiously and sexually diverse than it used to be, and old ways of thinking and talking about society and life can be offensive to people and are, in any case, outdated and beyond their useful life. Political Correctness, extreme though it may be in some cases, forces us to think more carefully about how we express our thoughts - not to control us, but to make us aware that our words affect other people (and reflect on how we think and feel about other people).

Brigstocke is also absolutely right about referendums:
Let's face it, the British public are eminently more qualified to vote off the vapid, hollow souls who frequent [reality TV] programmes than to register any opinion based on the contents of the EU constitution.

Exactly. The last people who should control the decision about European integration are my short-sighted, racist fellow countrymen. (I'd rather leave it to short-sighted, racist Labour MPs, thank you.)


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