Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Just keep bonkin' along


The Evening Standard front page today carries a headline with which we should all be familiar: TORY MP IN SEX SCANDAL.

I sneaked a peek on the newsstand (heaven forfend I should buy any publication owned by Associated Newspapers), and was disappointed to note that the 'scandal' involved the new MP for Croydon Central, Andrew Pelling, who had left his wife for a younger woman. Not much of a scandal, really. Still, nice to see the Standard sticking the boot into the Tories.

(I was secretly hoping it might involve gorgeous, pouting Justine Greening, the new MP for Putney and the only photogenic Tory on the opposition benches. Greening is one of those right-wing pin-ups, like Condi Rice and Anne Coulter, whom you can't help wanting to give a good seeing to - and then feel suitably ashamed for thinking that way. More on Greening in future posts, I have no doubt.)

UPDATE: See Recess Monkey for more.


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