Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Gorgeous, pouting Justine


The number of people who arrive here having Googled 'Justine Greening' increases every day.

Look, I know some of you chaps aren't exactly getting enough, but aren't you scraping the bottom of the barrel a little? I mean, what's Ms Greening got that other celebs haven't? Or do you restrict your scope of reference to Tory MPs, in which case you've been having to make do with Julie Kirkbride all these years - I pity you.

Justine may be blonde, single and under 40, but she's got a mouth like Zippy from Rainbow (hmm, do we know someone else like that?) and SHE'S A FUCKING TORY, FOR GOD'S SAKE! AND - WORSE - AN ACCOUNTANT! Have you no shame?

Anyway, she's a rotten politician: campaigning for a 'better District Line' service to Wimbledon, she's missed something, according to this chap.


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