Tuesday, June 07, 2005



I was right not to buy a wristband, after all.

No sooner have I learnt that the acts at Live8 are not giving their time free, and (from the Evening Standard) that 02 have refused to pass on the money they'll make from all those text messages to the MPH campaign, then I discover (courtesy of Pessimistic Leftist) that Oxfam is colluding with New Labour to "water down" the MPH campaign. Similarly, Bloggerheads reduces the MPH campaign to "gesture politics". It all chimes with my deepest fears.

Maybe I just got up too early this morning...

(Do read the referenced posts. They're terribly good.)

UPDATE: Damon Albarn gets in on the act - or, rather, not. What the hell does the Live8 spokesman (unnamed) mean when he says, "we don't want to preach to the converted"?


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