Friday, April 07, 2006

Backing Blair (into a big, deep hole)


I'm sure this blog is already on MI5's extremely lengthy 'To Watch' list, so there's no harm in adding my support for the wonderfully ironically-named Backing Blair campaign.

I didn't support the campaign at the last General Election because it would have meant voting Tory, and I'd rather eat my own spleen (not that I voted for Blair, either, of course). But there's no reason now not to join in and try and get this elected dictator out - by peaceful, democratic means of course (I put that bit in for the Secret Services - what a wuss).


Blogger littlemissprincess_86 said...

As long as you don't do anything crazy like singing London Calling in the back of a cab, you (and your family) should be fine.

12:21 pm  
Blogger Philip said...

I am reminded of a Gahan Wilson cartoon in which a man has just answered the front door to find a couple of FBI clones grinning at him. One of them says, "We thought you'd like to know, Mr Smith, that we've checked you out and you're a good citizen."

5:43 pm  

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