Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Berlusconi: "It's so unfair!"


One would have expected this from the man desperate to maintain his immunity from prosecution. Slimy Silvio has challenged the election result on the grounds that:

* He got more votes than Prodi in the Senate, even though he won fewer seats.
* Prodi must have cheated.
* Nobody won anyway, because the vote was so close.
* It's so unfair! I hate you!

Now he's proposing a Grand Coalition, like in Germany. Presumably he's hoping history will repeat itself - the two opposing sides come together to form a government and, oh look, they make the right-winger the de facto leader (although I think a more apt comparison would be that the oily, corrupt slimeball gets kicked out of the leader's chair). He claims "I have no personal ambitions [to remain Prime Minister] - I just want what's good for the country." Like not being sent to prison, which would obviously be disastrous for Italy - just think of all the Italian citizens who would die laughing.

(Via this report in La Repubblica again.)

[EDIT: Splendid summary of all the fun from Harvard University, and what this means for the three Bs (Berlusconi, Blair and Bush) by Davide Simonetti (both via Nosemonkey).]


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