Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Protect the emperor from his nudity at all costs!


I saw this invitation to demonstrate in support of Brian Haw too late to post it on here. But I did follow the link to find out more about Blair's complete disconnection from reality.

I once had a boss who acted like Blair (in this respect). He was obsessed with appearances (he once told me off for not going to a meeting in a suit, even though I was clean and smart and was wearing a tie - oh, and none of the clients was in a suit, either); desperate to show off to high-paying clients (he maintained offices in Covent Garden which were way beyond the company's means); over-eager to stress his international profile (he had a casual relationship with a company in the States who took all the profit on our international projects and let us do most of the work); and determined to exercise control over every bit of his company's operations (in my office - which was never visited by clients - I'd pinned a couple of cartoons up on my otherwise undecorated wall; when I was on holiday, he took them down and destroyed them). When he didn't get his way, he would shout and literally stamp his foot like a three-year-old.

The company went bust after I left. The prestigious Covent Garden offices are now a shoe shop (it's recently opened in the lot marked 'vacant' on this map).

Size ten, Prime Minister?


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