Monday, May 15, 2006

Popbitch bitch


I was looking at this site's stats on StatCounter, and I couldn't understand how I'd received over 400 hits in one day from here, until I read to the bottom of the (very long) page and discovered a fleeting reference to Lucy Mangan. Purely for the sake of reference, I reproduce it here:
I met the unfunny try-hard yesterday. She's even less interesting in real life - and her arse is eye-bogglingly massive. Happily for her bosses, she's a total word-slut and will happily write (poorly) about any old shite (hence today's Tv reviews in G2).
A subsequent reply referred the masses to this site.

I never even had an opinion about her a few months ago...

[EDIT: This post comes up third if you Google "Lucy Mangan arse". Tee hee.]


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