Monday, June 05, 2006

Link nonsense


I can scarcely believe that a week has passed since my last post, but I guess real life has an unfortunate tendency to intrude into one's virtual, online life. I wonder if I will ever be anything more than an occasional blogger.

Anyway, time is still limited, so you'll have to be content with a list of Things I Have Enjoyed Reading on the Internet. (This really is bog-standard lazy blogging, almost pointless.)

First up (I do hate that expression, why do I use it?) is this at the Onion (via Jim), satirising the thin undercurrent of xenophobia running through this once most open of societies.

An impressively written account of last year's bombs by survivor John Tulloch. In future, I won't be so quick to curse the many people who get onto the Tube at rush hour with loads of suitcases.

A wonderful piece from Justin about the blurred line between truth and fiction. Isn't there some kind of sporting competition taking place in Germany this month to distract the masses?

Why Germans are funny from Jamie (via Worstall's BBRU). No. not because of the war.

Also via the BBRU, The Gorse Fox discovers an unpleasant fact about the Criminal Records Bureau. I alluded to this fiasco in an earlier post but it's worse than I thought. Incidentally, the Gorse Fox is the first blogger I've come across who uses the same Blogger template as me. Maybe I should think about changing it - one does want to keep one's individuality, especially at a time when one's identity is under threat from one's own government.

Rather late in the day, Madeleine Bunting gets the message. Nice work, Madeleine, but you could have written almost exactly the same thing three years ago and still have been right.

And finally, Dilbert Blog on why stupid people shouldn't vote.

I'll be back when we've lost the Test match.


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