Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Films are dangerous


Looks like Mediawatch might have a point*. People really do imitate what they see on the screen.

No doubt fluorescent tubes will be withdrawn from all branches of B&Q forthwith.

The report doesn't say whether the people involved were wearing hooded tops. Still, I expect the BBFC will issue Star Wars 3 with an 18 certificate when it comes out on DVD, since it clearly involves scenes in which science-fiction characters are placed under physical and psychological stress.

(Actually, the Guardian does seem to have a story about an episode of Dr Who being snipped because it included the sound of breaking bones, but mediaguardian.co.uk seems to have bollocksed up my registration, so I can't read it just now.)

* In case any reader hasn't brought his or her sense of irony along, this is a JOKE**.

** The rest of this post is, of course, deadly serious...


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