Friday, May 20, 2005

Not Keen on this


My local free rag - or, rather, one of the many local free rags that get put through my door by a range of Polish and Chinese people and get briefly glanced at before being deposited in the green box outside my front door - reports that the husband-and-wife MP team of Alan and Ann Keen have been called to account for having a flat in Covent Garden, as well as a home in Ann's constituency of Brentford (a mere nine miles from Westminster). At a public meeting, Alan Keen was heckled about his flat and promised to explain all at a later date.

Of course, he didn't explain any further at the meeting, and hasn't said when this 'explanation' will be forthcoming. Sounds to me like another smart dodging move - instead of obviously not answering the question (which we're all used to, now), simply promise to answer the question later, then forget all about it and hope everyone else does the same.

I'd be grateful to any reader who spots Alan Keen's 'explanation' at any point in the future and can alert me to it.


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