Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Left out


A thoughtful article from Harry on how the Left could respond to the French 'no' vote (and the forthcoming Dutch one). Actually, it's not so much a 'how to', it's more of a 'if only the Left would respond in a positive way'.

A worthy article indeed (whatever the comments say). As a fanatical (and almost blind) supporter of the European Union, I've stayed quiet about the referendums* so far, since there wouldn't have been much to say beyond "oh, bugger", and to bemoan the self-interest (in some cases) and racism (in others) of voters.

It looks like the European political class will have to do some serious thinking. But it looks like they'll just do silly thinking, which is what they're more accustomed to.

* It's not 'referenda'. Kennedy's Revised Latin Primer will tell you why.


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