Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More on electoral reform


Further to my comments (and my exchange with Jarndyce) relating to electoral reform, I see Murky has received a letter from Michael Gove (MP for Surrey Heath) confirming that he, at least, has no interest in reforming the current voting system for parliament.

This may be only one Tory MP, but I imagine Gove's views are widely represented across his party. The Tories still believe they are the natural party of government, and that they don't need to tinker with our non-existent constitution just to give them an electoral advantage.

I still say what I said before - we will never get PR for parliament unless a Labour government introduces it; and it won't be this one.

(Oh, courtesy demands that I give due credit to Tim Worstall's Britblog round-up for this one.)


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