Saturday, July 16, 2005

Quick round-up


It's been a slow week for news ;) and I've had personal commitments which kept me away from the computer for a couple of days, so rather than trawl through today's newspapers I'm directing people towards articles of interest to be found among the 25 million blogs out there (according to the latest edition of Macworld).

First, Robin at Perfect has unearthed information that the London bombers could perhaps have been caught, had not Bush unnecessarily unmasked the name of an Al-Qa'ida mole before the US Presidential election (thanks to Justin for the link).

Tim at Bloggerheads finds Richard Littlejohn inciting racial hatred. Not really news, I suppose.

Alex, the Yorkshire Ranter, comments on his personal experience of where the bombers came from. Be warned that he starts talking about Hegel in the fourth paragraph. Otherwise, an eye-opening piece.

Tim Worstall discovers that Fungus the Bogeyman (alias Charles Clarke) has demanded that everyone in the European Union be fingerprinted. This from the man who admitted that ID cards would not have prevented the bombings (thanks to Gary for that one).

Away from death, horror and their consequences, Doctor Vee compares the BBC's generosity with Beethoven symphonies with record companies' greed.

The Moai has some tips for people dealing with recruitment 'consultants' (that really sends a shudder down my spine - unhappy memories: "I'd like to get out of market research, I'm sick of it." "Yes, but all your experience is in market research; let me call a few research companies and get back to you...")

Kay at Kiosk says some very nice things about me (Kay, you have quadrupled the traffic I get from your site, by the way).

And, finally, Noreen.

May not be able to blog again until Monday - deadline approaches. Have a good weekend, everyone.


Anonymous Philip said...

Thanks for the link, which is duly reciprocated. Although I have no particular objection to being filed under "barking" or on top of Noreen, I do wonder a little about the diagnostic abilities of a self-styled moose with a cricket fixation.

8:52 pm  

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