Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And we're back!

Well, what a long hiatus it's been. I've been furiously editing a feature film (more details when the bloody thing is actually finished, which could be another month or more), but I've got a window of opportunity to resume blogging. And my back, which I put out two weeks ago, has recovered enough for me to sit at the computer for more than twenty minutes at a time.

Anyway, coming up in the next few posts, lots of exciting gnu-fuelled rhetoric and dialectic, including:

  1. Why Hillary Clinton will never be US President.

  2. My MP has a voice! And he uses it!

  3. More about ID cards, the inevitable but insane scheme to put details of us all on a massive, insecure database.

  4. England's tour of India - can the boys recover the pride of the Ashes?

  5. The Liberal Democrat leadership contest. (Sorry, too boring.)

Keep watching this space! No, go on, there'll be something along soon. Please don't go. Look, look what I can do! Bet you've never seen that before! Oh, all right, then.


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