Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nice move, Mr Tough Guy


Williams is dead. I hardly expected anything else from Schwarzenegger - after all, he's governer in a state where the majority of voters support the death penalty, and he's got a 'Tough Guy' reputation to defend (yeah, it's pretty tough to kill someone without having to do it with your own hands and without having to look them in the eye).

I doubt Williams was innocent of the murders for which he was convicted (as many of his supporters have claimed), although there were great gaping holes in the evidence against him. But nor do I doubt the sincerity of his conversion to non-violence. I guess we'll never know what more good work he could have done had he been allowed to go on living, writing and campaigning against gang warfare. Nice one, Arnie, you're real tough. Just remember when your executive limo is torched by a street gang: there was someone who might, just might have prevented it, and you decided to have him killed.


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