Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hooray for terrorism


Terrorism - don'tcha love it? I do! Hooray for terrorists! Isn't terrorism glorious? Osama - what a pin-up boy! Whoopee! Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, hooray, hooray, hooray! Bombs, guns, knives - I can't get enough of it!

Support violence to remove a regime? You bet! Kill innocent people? That gets me going! Encourage kidnappings, explosions on public transport, armed insurrections aimed to provoke civil war? Nothing I like better! Trespass on nuclear sites? Plan to spend my Easter weekend doing it!

Tip for Blue Peter fans: Get an old bedsheet and a tin of paint (any colour, but red's probably most appropriate). Paint the words 'TERRORISM - IT"S GREAT' on the sheet, and hang it out of your window.

Come on, then, arrest me. Since you've got nothing better to do, like hold a bloody public inquiry.

[EDIT: Curious Hamster has posted the text of this part of the Act on his blog. It seems that, to qualify for 'glorifying terrorism' I must not merely say "terrorism's great". I also have to state or imply that readers should be actively encouraged by my words to go and blow people up, or whatever. Painting bedsheets probably doesn't count. Damn.]


Blogger hannah said...

i would be careful if i was you. look at the case of samantha marse- she joked about having a bomb in her rucksack! I thinks its pretty cool you challenging th elaws but others might suggets its foolich because you are testing the laws in a climate of distrust and paranoia.

Look at those 2 old ladies hwho got done under the SOCA 2005- they were pretty much challenging the law too. Althoughthere is aan apparent principle of freedom of expression- where it is proscribed by law they can legitimately curtail freddom of expression-


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