Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Next stop, Euston (or rather: next, stop Euston)


My brother is coming to visit me with his family on Thursday. They'll be arriving at Euston Station.

I only mention this because thinking about Euston has prompted me to look into the absurdly-named Euston Manifesto. I'd seen mention of it on a few sites but never took much notice, since no one seemed to have a good word to say about it (and some had a lot to say against it - useful list here).

Anyway, I skim-read it, and it looks like another attempt by Blair cronies to appeal to the self-styled 'Decent Left' - on the surface, nothing anyone could reasonably disagree with (we are for democracy, freedom and nice things; we are against racism, sexism and nasty things). As usual, the devil's in the detail and Phil Edwards has found many, many devils in his excellent analysis.

Ultimately, though, what the hell is the point in issuing a statement such as this, other than perhaps the self-congratulatory reward of seeing one's name attached to a 'worthy' document and having something to talk about at dinner parties? It smacks of bald men fighting not over a comb, but over a wig with which to hide their moral emptiness.


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