Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Today's third (and most important) link


Via Rachel, a link to the online petition calling for a public inquiry into the London bombings. Go sign away.

Rachel also has a splendid in-depth piece about the Home Office's forthcoming 'narrative' on the events of 7 July, as well as the report by the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee. Do go and read her account - but, in a nutshell, the Home Office is trying to put it out that the four men acted completely independently and off their own private bats, while the ISC report states that they had direct connections with a terrorist cell which had been under surveillance by the security services for over a year. The shortcomings in this surveillance allowed the bombers to slip through the net and carry out their action.

Rachel manages to find a way to reconcile this apparent contradiction - and it results in a most worrying conclusion. This is a new war, without a front, and with implications for us all (but not in the way the government would have us believe).


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