Thursday, June 02, 2005

Risk banned


I am indebted (not in a Third World sense, obviously) to Curious Hamster on several counts.

First, he observes that the wristband campaign may serve to raise awareness of the issue, which is a fair point. I didn't tackle this in my earlier post, partly because I think the whole 'raise awareness' issue is unproven (all advertising is unproven, believe it or not, which makes me wonder how a global multi-billion dollar industry has arisen over something which has no more definitive proof behind its effectiveness than swallowing frogs to cure sore throats... but I digress). My other reason for not commenting on raising awareness is that my post was intended to focus on the self-congratulatory element of public displays of charity.

Second, the whiskered one directs me to this article by Justin McKeating over at Chicken Yoghurt (yes, it's that man again!). Apparently this Live8 thing isn't a fundraiser after all, except insofar as the money raised goes to PAY THE STARS WHO ARE TAKING PART (apart from a measly £1.5m, which is going to the Prince's Trust, which has as much connection with famine relief as I have with snowmobiling). Read that bit back to yourself (the bit about paying the stars, not the bit about snowmobiling) and stagger at the hypocrisy of it all.

Third, CH has sent me a meme. More on this in a bit.


Blogger Kay Ballard said...

With every fundraising campaign, while creating a revenue source, organizations are simultaneously creating and/or reinforcing a culture of giving both within the organization and the world outside. The danger of gimmicky, low ticket. trinket based appeals like wrist band campaigns is that they encourage powerless, and therby meaningless philanthropy, and do little to connect donors to the mission of the organization. The smugness that you find so distasteful is the smallest part of the problem with wrist band campaigns.

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Blogger Oscar Wildebeest said...

Well put, Kay.

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