Monday, July 18, 2005

Of course I'm all right, I live in Chiswick


Tim Worstall's BritBlog round-up brings this gem from The Englishman. Read the whole thing, but I was struck by this paragraph:
I noticed that unfortunately it took less than an hour after the blasts for the Americanisation of the tragedy to kick in. This began with unsolicited e-mails from people asking me “Are you alright?”. Of course I’m fucking alright, I live in Wiltshire.

I know, I had the same experience. Fair enough, I do actually live in London. But so do 7-8 million other people, and about the same number come into London to work during the day. You do the maths - what are the odds (especially given that I work from home)? (Yes, I know it's got to happen to someone.) My brother in Edinburgh did not call me, just as I did not call him when I saw police beating up demonstrators (oops, I mean 'anarchists running riot') in Edinburgh.

(Incidentally, it's a bit rich to moan about 'Americanisation' and then write "alright" instead of "all right". But that's by the way...)


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