Saturday, November 26, 2005

Alcoholic man, 59, dies in hospital


A 59-year-old man lay critically ill in hospital, his family around him.

In his life he was greatly admired for his many talents, but he was afflicted by alcoholism and a weakness for women, and an inability to control his spending. No one could understand how this wonderful man could be so self-destructive.

Luckily, my father pulled through and was not taken by death. Which is a good thing, because no strangers laid flowers outside the hospital for him, no interviews were conducted with ex-colleagues about how wonderful he was, and no fucking TV schedules were rearranged to accommodate glowing tributes to him.

How this man deserves all that is beyond me.

[EDIT: Jamie agrees.]


Blogger Brownie said...

Very sad that people die, who have NOT CONTRIBUTED themselves to the cause, when GB threw himself at Death's Door repeatedly, there should be no sorrow at his getting what he wanted. I hope the car salesmen he patronised, pay their resects.

9:20 am  

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