Sunday, January 29, 2006

Meme me! Me! Meme me!


I have been tagged for a meme by Philip, but only because I complained. So, here goes:

Seven things to do before I die:
Visit New Zealand - but not on a Lord of the Rings tour, which would be unspeakably naff.
Win a major award for film editing - but not an Oscar, which would also be unspeakably naff and, in any case, is as much a lottery as anything else.
See England get to the top of the ICC Test Match rankings.
Pass my bloody driving test (third time coming up in March, fingers crossed).
Instil both self-confidence and a social conscience into Baby Gnu.
Learn some more languages. I fancy having a go at Hungarian, perhaps Europe's hardest language.
Make the world a better place (the bucket's over here, if you want it).

Seven things I cannot do:
Bowl a decent leg-break.
Disembark gracefully from a Routemaster bus (no longer relevant).
Bring myself to vote Tory, under any circumstance.
Open my eyes under water.
Get rid of this instinctive dislike I have of Australian men (even outside the context of cricket). With the obvious exception of Tim, naturally.
Stop myself from saying "fuck" when I drop something, even when within the hearing of Baby Gnu.
Decide whom to vote for if there's no Green candidate in my seat.

Seven things that attract me to my CD player:
The enormous volume control knob.
The built-in MiniDisc player.
The delicate orange glow of the backlight.
The pleasant teak finish on the speakers.
The fact that it's lightweight.
The way the light catches it at certain times in the morning.
The inexplicably aesthetic remote control.

Seven things I say:
Bollocks (especially when speaking to estate agents).
Scumbag (whenever Blair appears on TV).
We'll never retain the Ashes.
Fucking Tories.
Peasant (referring to almost anyone who does something which annoys me).
Jävlar, vad det regnar! (Swedish for "fuck, it's raining!").
Get out of my way (on Oxford Street).

Seven books I love:
Ulysses by James Joyce.
The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck.
The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien.
Anything by Italo Calvino (or go here if you don't speak Italian).
In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch (every editor should read it).
Labyrinths by Jorge Luís Borges.
Reasons to be Cheerful by Mark Steel.

Seven films I love:
The Third Man
LA Confidential
Fanny and Alexander
Whatever I happen to be working on at the moment.

Seven people to tag:
Oh, God, I don't know now. Everyone I read seems to have done this meme already. Even Noreen's done it. This is what comes of being at the back of the queue. Looks like it'll have to be The Moai next, and Brownie hasn't done it either. The rest can go to the bloggers at TMS 24/7.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Just dropped in to drop someone


Just made a hole in my busy schedule to make a couple of observations:

(a) this blog is not dead, it's just resting;
(b) this is the kind of thing we were missing while we were all blubbing over that whale (via Tim); and
(c) I am, with sadness, removing Recess Monkey and Guide Fawkes from my blogroll, after their revolting behaviour over Mark Oaten (read about it all here).

I'm right in the middle of editing a feature film at the moment - more details when it's ready. See you all in a month or so: I promise!