Monday, July 18, 2005

All fascists are basically the same


Also care of Tim's BritBlog round-up is this excellent piece by Honourable Fiend, which puts into words the same things I was thinking at about midday today. Do the followers of OBL or al-Zaqarwi (sp?) or any of the other freelance loonies who want to turn the world into a version of their own twisted vision really believe that they're doing anything other than helping out an opportunist who has no conviction about his own cause? There's going to be no equal rights for Muslims once OBL is World President. There won't be any 'thank you'. The people who train and arm and encourage and incite will be the ones who are first against the wall. This was how Mao played it, and he was brilliant at it. A total scumbag of the worst kind, of course, but brilliant.

Anyway, go read the article. By the time you come back, I may have thought of something to say about the Ashes.

UPDATE: Nope, no Ashes comments until the eve of battle, I fancy. But I have found this piece by Phil of Actually Existing. Lengthy, but highly intelligent post-bomb analysis. Give it the time it deserves.


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