Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A new pledge on ID cards


A new pledge at PledgeBank has been created for those who would like to refuse to register for an ID card when the time comes, but who don't want to risk unpleasant legal or personal consequences in doing so. The pledge reads: ""I will actively support those people who, on behalf of all of us, refuse to register for an ID card, and I pledge to pay at least £20 into a fighting fund for them but only if 50,000 other people will too." In other words, pay the money to support the campaign without needing to fear arrest, social ostracism or merely difficulties with getting benefits, healthcare, etc.

It shouldn't need saying, but just in case: there is no need to sign this pledge if you have already signed the pledge refusing to register for an ID card! In fact, doing so would merely dilute the strength of this new pledge.

As an aside, how long before Fungus the Bogeyman (see pic above, in wrong post, grrr) tells us, without irony, that Jean Charles de Menezes would still be alive today if only he'd had an ID card he could show to the police?

(Thanks to Justin for the link, btw.)


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