Monday, November 28, 2005

Another glimmer of fame


I am rather surprised to find that I have, for only the second time (and for the first time in my own right) made it into Worstall's BritBlog round-up, for my post about decaf(f) coffee.

Do go and sample the list (hosted this week by Philobiblon in Tim's absence), which also includes a number of women bloggers' response to the survey about rape which I shamefully ignored on this blog. Primary among these are Gendergeek's request for a percentage breakdown of the woman's responsibility for her own rape, Volsunga's analysis of how many forms of rape are not categorised as such, and Laurelin's horrific discovery of the attitudes of her male acquaintances.

(With the above in mind, perhaps I ought to make it clear at this point that when I said "fuck you, Lucy Mangan" I did not mean this literally - if it had been, say, Jonathan Freedland or Timothy Garton Ash making those comments I would have said "fuck you" to them, too. Though I can't imagine Garton Ash coming out with the same pathetic bile as Mangan - or, at least, he would have taken about fifteen more paragraphs to do it.)

From the same round-up, Creepy Lesbo's post about girl custard has to be read to be believed.

And a special mention for my caffeine-drinking pal, Gary, for his excellent post about George Best, which I would have nominated for the BBRR had I read it before this morning.

[PS: Speaking of fame, Jarndyce reckons it isn't all it's cracked up to be.]


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