Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kevin Pietersen and Charlotte Church naked!


No, this isn't some dream of Scaryduck's. It's my reaction to seeing that people have arrived here by searching on "Charlotte Church tart" and "Kevin Pietersen manhood".

I'm so sorry to disappoint. Believe me, if I had any pictures of Charlotte Church naked, I would most certainly post them here for all to enjoy, and not keep them tucked away in a locked shoebox in order to peruse them in quiet moments away from Mrs Wildebeest (can't say the same for Pietersen, I'm afraid, especially when he got caught behind for only 34 today).

I managed to work the word 'lesbian' into a post a short while back, so let's see what effect this one has. Oh, dear, there's got to be a better way of increasing traffic...

(Speaking of the Duck, he hates London. You should live here, mate. It's mad as porridge, and I love it.)

[FOOTNOTE: You'll have noticed in the same Scaryduck post that he reports on a meeting over the leaked memo about Bush's 'plans' to bomb al-Jazeera. Scaryduck's full report on the meeting is here. As he notes (quoting Kevin Maguire of the Mirror), if the report weren't true, the government wouldn't be trying to repress it using the Official Secrets Act (which I have signed myself, incidentally, at the start of a three-week casual stint at the Inland Revenue in 1991, so I'm probably going to get into a whole heap of trouble just for even mentioning it - great, now the only people who are going to be reading this blog are pervs and MI5... well, thank you all very much...]


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