Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What a cunting, cunting cunt


Tim at Bloggerheads notes the refusal of many supermarkets to stock the DVD of Jerry Springer: The Opera on the grounds that they are being threatened with pickets by Christian Voice. (Sainsbury's received ten compaints. Yes, ten - not ten thousand.)

As I observed in the comments on Tim's site, fear of protest by loony right-wingers is a poor reason for not stocking the DVD. A much better reason would be that JSTO is actually fairly crap. Its central joke (opera singers singing phrases such as the title of this post) is funny the first couple of times, but becomes tedious by the time you hear it the hundredth time, and there are few other moments of humour to compensate. The music isn't even particularly catchy or enjoyable, apart from a fairly neat Bach parody in Act Two - it's certainly not an opera, more of a musical (except that in a musical there's speech as well as singing - although Jerry himself is a purely speaking part).

Still, poor quality of production is no reason to ban something, otherwise ITV would cease to exist... No, I'm not going to pursue this line, it'll just get too tempting...

See also Justin and MediaWatchWatch.


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