Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back from hols


Back from a stress-filled holiday (well, I do have a two-year-old) to find that Blair's still in power, Craig Sweeney is still getting far more free fame than he deserves, the loans-for-peerages scandal still won't go away, Prescott is still being a fat tit, England are still shit at sport, and it seems you can now be arrested for reading. So I guess I haven't missed much.

Incidentally, can anyone explain how this works? (Via the Friday Project.)

More later.


Blogger Oscar Wildebeest said...

It's all right, I've worked it out. Following the instructions means you can only ever end up with a multiple of nine - and all the multiples of nine have the same sign (although they make it look clever by changing the signs on the nines each time).

Another mystery solved - tomorrow, the mystery of what it is John Prescott does all day (other than the unpleasant detail which we already know too much about).

6:18 pm  

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